Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

commercial floor cleaning

Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

To the regular eye, it might not seem that clean floors make much of a difference in how customers see your business. However, even if customers aren’t necessarily saying something about your dirty floors, they’re definitely seeing them.

When it comes to your space, each section works together to create an overall picture of cleanliness and professionalism. When one part of the space isn’t clean, it makes the entire space look unclean, making your customers walk right out the door.

With the commercial floor cleaning services of All Building Cleaning Corporation, you can create a cleaning plan that allows your floors to be cleaned and maintained daily. This type of service will not only save you money in the long run but allow you to make the best first impressions possible with your clientele.

We Understand Floors

Resilient floors come in many textures, colors and styles. That’s the beauty of versatility — you can choose the exact floor you want to create the type of aesthetic you want in your space. 

Each floor type requires different techniques when it comes to waxing, polishing, equipment and treatments. One wrong choice with cleaning, and you can have a ruined floor and thousands of dollars to pay to repair or replace it.

Working with All Building Cleaning Corp. and our floor maintenance services rids you of that problem. We understand and can clean all types of floors because we know the types of trends in today’s flooring. 

Take offices, for example. Office floors are generally manufactured in three styles: plank, sheet or tile. The tile is usually VCT, also known as vinyl composition tile. There are also the less frequent options of sheet vinyl, marble, wood or stone. 

Choose just one of these floor types, and we can give you the entire rundown of that kind of floor, its uses and what is needed to clean it. 

For example, vinyl composition tile comes in 12-inch tiles and is a porous floor material that can hold up well to strong alkalines, acid, and solvent spills and spots if cleaned up right away. Manufacturers recommend waiting five days after installation before doing any maintenance to the flooring. When sealing or applying floor finish to a new VCT floor, the factory finish needs to be removed. VCT tile also must be sealed with a sealer or sealer/finish.

It’s this type of expertise that sets the commercial floor cleaning services of All Building Cleaning Corp. apart. 

Comprehensive Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

When you choose the commercial floor maintenance services of All Building Cleaning Corp., you’re choosing to work with the best and most comprehensive floor cleaning services in Southeast Florida.

Some of our common commercial floor cleaning services include: 

  • Floor waxing service: Floor waxing—cleaning and polishing floors—gives floors a shine but also protects them. Our approach to wood floor waxing is similar to stripping and waxing vinyl and marble as mentioned above. It is a technique that will not only keep floors safe but also beautiful.
  • Floor stripping: The goal of floor stripping is to remove old layers of wax or finish from your commercially tiled floors to make them shiny and new again. Old layers can make your floors seem dull, literally sucking the color from them. A good floor stripping will allow your floors to come to life again. 
  • Scrubbing and Floor Cleaning: Sometimes what a floor really needs is a good scrubbing. Using high-powered technology, we scrub your floor down, getting rid of dirt and grime, leaving behind a beautiful and bright floor. 
  • Grout Cleaning: The grout between your tiles can get disgusting—we’ve seen it. Sometimes it can even hold bacteria because of how deep the grooves can become. A simple cleaning of your grout can really breathe life into your flooring.

The ultimate floor cleaning package would include all of the things listed above, but at the end of the day, it’s your cleaning plan. You get to choose what we provide you in your commercial floor cleaning plan. 

A Clean for Every Floor

At All Building Cleaning Corp., we specialize in the cleaning of any floor surface, including wood, marble, stone and, of course, vinyl. Our professional floor cleaners are trained experts in every type of surface.

Many commercial buildings are now installing stone floors such as ceramic tile, granite, marble and terrazzo. Although these floors may not need the frequent care that resilient tile floors need, they still need to be maintained regularly in order to keep the stone and grout looking good. If not maintained properly, the floor and grout will start to look dull and dirty.

Take a look below at how we handle cleaning marble flooring as part of our commercial floor care service. 

Marble Flooring

Cleaning marble flooring must be gauged by the frequency of foot traffic and needs to be observed at regular intervals to determine how much cleaning is necessary.

The maintenance of marble has to be handled properly to preserve its shine and extend its life. Proper cleaning comes down to maintenance and the removal of stains and scratches.

The two main services we perform on marble flooring are:

  • Daily and routine cleaning.
  • Periodic and restorative cleaning on finished marble floor (stripping, refinishing).

Trusted and Professional Floor Cleaners

Founded in 1997, All Building Cleaning Corp. has followed the three basic principles below to guide us through providing exceptional commercial floor cleaning in Southeast Florida. 

  1. Quality: Tired of hiring mediocre floor services that break the bank and never provide a quality service? That’s not something you need to worry about with All Building Cleaning Corp. We’re founded on the idea that all of our services are high quality all the time. No cutting corners or not doing everything 100%. 
  2. Response: When you spend money on a cleaning service, you deserve to know what’s going on. All Building Cleaning Corp. provides the technology and accessibility for you to be in constant communication with our team. You’re always more than welcome to check in on your service or add or take away a service from your current plan. 
  3. Simplicity: At the end of the day, it’s our job to relieve stress from you. We’ll handle the hard work of cleaning while you focus on your business. It’s as simple as that. 

No matter what service you choose, we’ll always deliver our high-quality services on time and efficiently. You’ll always be able to contact us, and if you’re not 100% satisfied with our service, we’ll come and fix it for you for free. 

Our areas of service in Southeast Florida include:

When choosing our commercial floor cleaning, we will recommend a floor care program that is safe for the type of flooring you have in your building. The program we recommend will depend on traffic levels and desired appearance. And at the end of the day, you’ll always have a floor that you love. 

A Premier Commercial Floor Cleaning Company

Our trained experts can handle any floor cleaning and polishing job, whether it is simply routine floor maintenance or bringing a floor back to life. No matter what shape your floors are in, our technicians will make your floor look new again.

Reach out to All Building Cleaning Corp. on our website today for a free quote on our commercial floor cleaning. Let’s get you one step closer to maintained and beautiful floors.

Areas We Serve Include:

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