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5 Ways Facility Managers Can Improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

In an era of airborne illnesses like COVID-19, IAQ is more important than ever in facility asset management. As businesses begin to bring employees back into their facilities, it is more important than ever to work diligently to keep those employees safe from airborne illnesses. Most businesses need a strategic plan for IAQ, and OSHA has created an extensive report detailing how to develop this for your individual space.

In order to understand the different aspects related to IAQ and its best practices, the EPA has created an Indoor Air Quality Guide which can help facility managers build strategies for achieving critical IAQ objectives. One of the best ways property and facility managers can engage in the health of employees working inside their building is by creating necessary practices to maintain a safe IAQ environment.

IAQ Assessment

One of the first things a facility manager can do to engage in improved facility health is to assess their indoor air quality. This Guide for Building Owners and Facility Managers put out by the EPA and NIOSH is a great place to start. It explains factors affecting indoor air quality, preventative maintenance for IAQ, and how to develop an IAQ profile for your particular space.

Eventually, you might need to find someone to assess your particular current IAQ. Many times, this is merely making sure that HVAC systems are working properly and at optimum levels. It is important to confirm that this foundational equipment is functioning properly before adding in other IAQ strategies. Assessments can come in many different forms with the goal of giving you a more detailed understanding of your air quality.

Routine Cleaning Options to Support Healthy IAQ

  • Air Filters: Make sure to have a calendar to change your air filters regularly. This will routinely remove any contaminants contained in the air filters and keep them functioning at optimal levels for clean indoor air.
  • Vacuum Cleaners: Make sure that your vacuum cleaners are equipped with HEPA filters. These filters can trap over 99% of airborne particles like bacteria, dust, and mold. Vacuuming regularly keeps these contaminants from re-entering the air circulation system. Many other floor cleaning products also use HEPA filters to make sure that contaminants are removed from your building. 
  • Janitorial Services: One aspect of good air quality is the cleanliness of your office space. Daily cleaning such as dusting, vacuuming, and sanitizing surfaces keeps contaminants from even entering your ventilation system. This includes cleaning flooring, as many pollutants enter the building through high traffic areas. Many commercial cleaning companies allow you to create a plan to have your floors cleaned daily keeping dirt and other pollutants from building up. The quicker you can clean up, the more likely you will maintain a better IAQ.
  • Regularly Cleaned Carpeting: Carpeted flooring naturally traps contaminants, and keeps them from spreading into the air. However, they must be cleaned regularly (just like the HVAC filters), otherwise, they can allow pollutants to build up inside your building and contribute to a lower IAQ. One of the best ways to make sure that cleaning your carpets contributes to enhancing your air quality is to use a very low moisture cleaning that can remove dirt, allergens, and pollutants. If too much moisture is involved in the process, it can create an environment for mold and bacteria to grow, decreasing your company’s IAQ.
  • Fresh Air: If your building allows you to open windows, create a schedule to let outdoor air fill your space with fresh clean air. This will help circulate fresh air into your building and stale air outside. Another way to support a cycle of clean air is to have plants in your building. Plants absorb toxins and produce oxygen and can be a small piece of your IAQ management system.

Regular Commercial Office Cleaning Can Improve IAQ 

When there’s a limited amount of air exchange in a building, contaminants can build up. Engaging in a post-COVID-19 era means that your current cleaning strategy needs to involve new or modified ventilation systems while also implementing regular, thorough office cleaning services

One of the ways that IAQ issues can be solved is through hiring an office cleaning company that will routinely clean office spaces and common areas. Having a janitorial cleaning company supports a well-developed building IAQ operation and maintenance plan.

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