Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

All Building Cleaning Corp has been servicing Southeast Florida’s commercial cleaning needs for over two decades. We are experts in commercial cleaning for a wide variety of industries, ensuring that no matter your business, we have the experience you need and the ability to customize our services to your specific company.

The following are highlights of some of the industries we serve and how your experience with All Building Cleaning Corp will be light years ahead of the competition.

Office Buildings

One of the most convenient things about All Building Cleaning Corp is that we offer everything you could ever need when it comes to your office building cleaning needs in South Florida. From janitorial cleaning, to window washing to commercial carpet cleaning, and everything in between, we can be your one stop shop cleaning company.

Many of our office buildings, including Class A Office Buildings, medical offices, and dental offices, have been our clients for over ten years. Putting their best foot forward for their clients, are our office buildings top priorities. The medical and dental offices we serve count on us to ensure their offices are a healthy environment for their patients. Once our clients sign a commercial cleaning contract with us, they have found their last commercial cleaning company.

Retail and Grocery Stores

Southeast Florida has a great deal of tourist destinations, including Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and Pompano Beach. A large tourist population naturally leads to an influx of retail businesses; All Building Cleaning Corp is here to serve them all. Customers expect a gleaming environment in which to shop and we can provide that to our retail clients.

If you have a boutique store just off the beach, we have the experience you need to keep your store looking its best, even after all the sand tracked in by customers coming directly from the beach. We have a great deal of retail stores and grocery chains in residential areas, and can keep them uniformly clean so that no matter what area of Southeast Florida a customer goes into your retail or grocery store, they will experience the same level of cleanliness.

Industrial Buildings

Any type of industrial building needs to have a commercial cleaner that knows the ins and out of cleaning around equipment and likely even cleaning while the business is producing. Some manufacturing plants run 24 hours a day, and All Building Cleaning Corp has safety training and precautions to know just how to work in these kinds of areas. Distribution Centers likely run for more than regular business hours, necessitating a cleaning company who can cater to their off hours commercial cleaning needs.

Childcare/Daycare and Schools

Both childcare facilities and schools offer commercial cleaning challenges given the different high traffic areas, and the constant spread of germs. Knowing where to clean and how to give the extra attention to disinfecting is absolutely key for administration to expect out of their commercial cleaning company.

All Building Cleaning Corp is one of the top providers in Southeast Florida to schools and childcare facilities. We have a reputation for keeping these schools a healthy environment and helping to cut down on the spread of germs when school is in session.

Other Industries

All Building Cleaning Corp also takes care of many auto dealerships. Nothing sells cars better than sparkling floors and windows, and we know how to make your auto dealership shine.

Some of Southeast Florida’s airports are served by us, and just as we do with schools, childcare, and all our industries, we know where the high traffic areas are and take special care to prevent the spread of germs in those places. No one wants to arrive at their destination with a cold!

Lastly, we also serve:

  • Boutique stores
  • Medical Centers/Offices
  • Distribution centers
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Manufacturing plants 

Whether it is move in and move out, or construction clean up, or common living space cleaning you need, All Building Cleaning Corp is here for you!

Call our top rated customer service department today to meet with one of our area managers to discuss how we can serve your commercial cleaning needs in Miami South Florida.

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