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Auto Showroom Cleaning Services for Car Dealerships in south Florida by All Building Cleaning Corp

How To Avoid The Biggest Challenges Of Cleaning Your Car Dealership in Miami

The automotive industry and the cleaning industry are very similar in more ways than you realize. Both industries rely on making a strong, solid first impression with gleaming surfaces, and outstanding customer service. 

For the auto industry, and for car dealerships in particular, this means that cars need to be sparkling clean. And in the cleaning industry, our clients expect exceptional customer service and a terrific end result: an impeccably clean space.

If you’re working in a car showroom or any other part of a car dealership, you want your focus to be on retail, servicing, and selling inventory, and not on showroom cleaning. Your customers expect their new car to be shiny and new. It’s all about that clean, new car smell for them, right? 

So what if your showroom, restrooms, or service areas don’t meet those expectations? What does that say about your vehicles, or working with your dealership? Here’s what you need to know about keeping your car dealership clean to meet your standards, and the standards of your customers. 

Cleaning Miami Dealership Service Shops

When your customers pull their car into the service shop for regular maintenance or repair, are they driving into a clean shop? Miami leads the nation in luxury car sales. And with luxury car sales come customers who have high expectations when it comes to where they take their cars for maintenance. Does your service shop match these expectations?

A shop that needs to be cleaned doesn’t instill confidence in your customers and clients – in fact, it might keep them from coming back. So how can you avoid this dive in client confidence? With a regularly-cleaned service shop! There are lots of regulations on how a service shop can be cleaned. Don’t leave this up to chance. At All Building Cleaning Corp, we have the tools and the knowledge to meet all of these regulations, so you don’t have to sweat it.

Have you considered a car dealership cleaning contract? You could hire an independent individual to come and clean your service shop, but do they have the necessary specific car dealership cleaning products to loosen oil, grease, and grime? Are they well-equipped in car dealership cleaning tricks to get your service shop as clean as it can be? When you hire All Building Cleaning Corp to clean your service shop, you can trust these areas will be professionally cleaned the right way every time to meet your highest standards.

We use power washers and auto scrubbers to remove the layers of oil, grease, and road dust that quickly accumulate in a service shop so that your service room matches the high standards you keep throughout the car dealership. Imagine how impressive a clean service shop can be to your customers. 

A well-cleaned service shop, free from grease and other grime, speaks of efficiency, cleanliness, and working at the very highest of standards. It’s another way to ensure your clients’ trust and repeat business. When All Building Cleaning Corp cleans your service shop, this includes everything from service bays to service drop-offs and even body shop floors. 

Another area near the service shop that probably needs a thorough cleaning? The employee restroom. Employee restrooms in a service shop are usually covered in dirt and grease. It’s unavoidable; it’s part of the job, and it can quickly become a nightmare if the grease buildup gets out of hand. But with regular professional cleanings, these areas don’t have to be so scary.

Keeping Miami Dealership Showrooms Looking Their Best

Did you know that 39% of adults claim that they would take their business elsewhere if they encounter a dirty restroom at a car dealership? That’s a lot of lost potential business that could easily be prevented.

There are lots of things that need to be done to keep your car showroom looking as shiny and clean as a new hubcap. And a shiny, clean showroom can help make a sale just like a shiny, clean new car can. So how can All Building Cleaning Corp help keep your Miami showroom looking its very best? 

The number one form of initial contact with a new client at a car dealership is for them to walk in. So when they walk into your showroom, what do your prospective clients see? All Building Cleaning Corp’s cleaning crew helps keep Miami car dealerships looking beyond clean – we take pride in getting your showroom to truly sparkle. How do we do that? All Building Cleaning Corp offers thorough services, tailored to the needs of a dealership showroom, including the following:

  • Vacuuming and shampooing of floors and carpets
  • Streak-free washing of showroom windows
  • Thorough concrete polishing
  • General office cleaning
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of public restrooms
  • Dusting sales racks and displays
  • Special event clean-up

Showroom Cleaning and Floor Polishing

Floors in a dealership take a great deal of abuse, but they are also the perfect opportunity to make a great impression with your customers. Regular cleaning and maintenance can extend the life of your showroom floor, but who has the time to do this yourself? You’re already too busy running a business!

All Building Cleaning Corp works hard to polish your floor to its absolute cleanest and shiniest. With a set car dealership cleaning contract, we can find a schedule that works for your needs, based on the amount of traffic coming through your showroom, and we will polish your floors to their very cleanest. Routine floor maintenance can help extend the life of your floor and lower your overall bottom line.

The cleanliness of your dealership is too important to be left to chance. Don’t leave it to someone who isn’t accustomed to cleaning car dealerships.  All Building Cleaning Corp has been in the commercial cleaning business for over 20 years. We are proud of our unparalleled reputation for working in corporate settings to provide exceptional cleaning services – and we have the happy clients to prove it. Can we help you keep your dealership and showroom looking its best? Request a quote today. 

Auto Showroom Cleaning Services for Car Dealerships in south Florida by All Building Cleaning Corp


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