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The Latest Developments in Commercial Cleaning Industry Tech

The Latest Developments in Commercial Cleaning Industry Tech

If you’ve ever dreamed of living in the “space age,” with robots, software and sleek technology that makes day-to-day life look a little bit more like “The Jetsons,” we’re already living in it! There’s new technology all around us every day, engineered to make our lives easier.

If you manage a building or are the facilities manager of an office or commercial building, all of this new, modern technology actually can help the overall cleanliness of your building and increase the efficiency of your commercial cleaning crew at the same time.

What are all these new tech innovations that can take your building’s commercial cleaning services into the 21st century?

Automation in Your Office Building

New automated commercial cleaning technology such as automated vacuums and floor scrubbers take the burden off of your cleaning staff by cleaning and vacuuming all floor surfaces so they can focus on other value-adding tasks. 

A dirty or dusty floor leaves a bad impression for customers and clients, so using an automated cleaning device like a vacuum or floor scrubber keeps floors clean no matter the time of day. Your office cleaning service has enough to worry about. You can maximize the value of their time cleaning your building if the bulk of the work on your building’s floors is already done before they arrive with robotic floor cleaning technology.

Whether you have one scrubber for your facility or a whole fleet of scrubbers, they can be tracked and managed via an app to adjust to the changing needs of your building and keep areas safe and clean for employees and guests. These autonomous machines don’t replace the need for a commercial cleaning service; instead, they boost the effectiveness of your cleaning service so your building can get an even deeper clean every time.

IoT, Software and the Commercial Cleaning Industry

What’s the “IoT?” Otherwise known as “the internet of things,” this concept refers to just about anything in your home or office that has internet connectivity capabilities. It includes everyday things like your voice-automated home speaker or the camera monitoring your front door that you can check from an app on your phone. 

But in the building you manage, how can the IoT and new developments in software and apps make a difference in the day-to-day cleaning of your building? 

With apps like this one, your janitorial staff can get alerts in real time on their smartphones to let them know when a bathroom has run out of paper towels, soap or toilet paper, reducing customer or occupant complaints and providing a better experience for those in your building. These apps also can log restroom checks and schedule cleanings so your entire commercial cleaning team is always on the same page. 

The Latest Developments in Commercial Cleaning Industry Tech

What else is happening in the commercial cleaning IoT industry?

  • Paper towel and toilet paper dispensers made with brakes to prevent over-consumption to cut down on your bottom line and protect the environment
  • Sensors designed to track usage of products in bathrooms to better plan staffing and cleaning needs around the busiest times of day—when it’s needed most—to save costs on staffing when it’s not needed
  • An app to create zones for each part of the building, complete with a set of instructions for all tasks, a checklist for inventory and more—you even can place QR codes around the building for janitorial staff to scan to receive a full list of instructions for cleaning each area
  • Real-time alerts, complete with pictures of areas of your building that need attention from your commercial cleaning service to handle messes faster

The main ways that the IoT and these new apps are changing and improving how your commercial cleaning service can care for your building? They manage materials and improve communication so that your janitorial team can address issues faster than ever.

Cordless Vacuuming

Being tethered to a wall outlet certainly doesn’t make vacuuming easier. But if you’re able to cut the cord and use a cordless vacuum instead, that can increase your cleaning service’s productivity levels by 30 to 35 percent

Of course, the bulk of floor cleaning can be done with autonomous machines, but when vacuuming needs to be handled by a person, your cleaning service can cut down on the amount of time it takes simply by using a cordless vacuum. 

Having to manage a vacuum cord: unwinding it, plugging it in, moving the plug, vacuuming around the cord, maneuvering the cord around objects and people and finally rewinding the cord? All of this takes precious time. Instead, see if your commercial cleaning company can switch to a cordless vacuum to reduce cleaning costs.

These cordless vacuums can have up to 55 minutes of battery life, and if your cleaning service opts for a backpack vacuum, they save energy but they also save time. These backpack vacuums can take around 60-percent less time to clean the same square footage as an upright vacuum. Also, these cordless backpack vacuums are 70 percent more productive and pick up 40 percent more dirt. They take less time to clean, use less energy and are more effective. There’s no reason for your office cleaning service not to use them!

If you’re truly searching for what’s new and what’s next in the commercial cleaning services industry, look no further than All Building Cleaning Corp. Our professionally trained staff is constantly looking for the latest ways to leave your building sparkling clean in record time. Whether you’re looking for routine janitorial services or a deeper clean, we have the services and technology to get the job done right.

All Building Cleaning Corp. can handle the toughest of messes in your office building because we know that our job can be done better and more efficiently with the help of new tech. That’s why we strive to be innovators in our field. 

Request a quote today, and see the difference that professionalism and cutting-edge technology can make in your building and budget. 

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