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Commercial Cleaning Services in South Florida by All Building Cleaning Corp

Image Matters: Why You Need a Commercial Cleaning Service

Maintaining the image of your commercial building isn’t just beneficial for customers and clients; it’s also beneficial to protect your relationship with your tenants. Building management is evolving and changing, and with it, so are your occupants’ expectations. Are you keeping up?

One of the biggest developments in facilities management is the focus on the total experience. That’s why smart technology is becoming so popular in facilities management: Because facilities managers and occupants know that their building, their commercial space, is part of their image. It’s an asset.

One thing that hasn’t changed, however? The biggest way you can have an impact on the image of a building is by keeping it clean and well-maintained. Smart technology is nothing when the floors are streaked with salt from the sidewalk in the wintertime or the carpets haven’t been vacuumed or cleaned. 

So what are your tenants’ expectations? And how do these expectations tie into the overall image of both commercial spaces and the businesses that occupy them?

A Competitive Edge: Creating The Optimum Tenant Experience

As a building manager, chances are you already know that your best assets are your tenants. After all, they are the ones putting your building to use. You want the building you manage to be sought-out and desired, and for your tenants to want to stay there. But how?

According to Jim Whittaker, board chairman of the International Facility Management Association, “The facility management profession has been trying to elevate their work and look at it with a more strategic perspective — it’s not just about how to manage costs but how to add value to [client] organizations.”

And that’s the honest truth. Since the economy has rebounded following the Great Recession, businesses no longer have to worry just about survival anymore; now they can also focus on what their facility and their facility manager can do for them. How can facilities managers add value for their clients?

So what are the top trends in facilities management? What are your tenants expecting? It’s all about enhancing the user experience, increasing energy efficiency, and building personal relationships.

  1. Outsourcing facilities management to save funds and allow in-house teams the time and energy to focus on enhancing the user experience
  2. Integrated property and facilities management
  3. A greater emphasis on personalization and employee experience
  4. An increased emphasis on employee wellness
  5. Flexible space, co-working, and collaboration
  6. The client-partner relationship
  7. Long-term, personal relationships between facilities managers and tenants
  8. A smart, energy-efficient, ecologically-friendly workspace
  9. Data-driven decision making to improve facility usage
  10. Artificial intelligence like smart lights and programmable thermostats

The bottom line? Your tenants are concerned about image: Both their image with their employees, and their image as reflected in how their professional workspace is maintained. Cleanliness and wellness go hand in hand, and your tenants know this.

Happy Tenants and Better Building Usage

Buildings that work smarter for their tenants and provide ideal occupant experiences don’t just offer exceptional services and well-planned, well-maintained benefits, they also offer bottom-line benefits, like lower vacancy rates, higher energy efficiency, and increased lease demand.  

So how can you achieve high occupancy and happy tenants? By appealing to their needs. That may be by responding quickly and thoughtfully to tenant issues. It may also be updating your space. In order to compete with new construction, many facilities managers are retrofitting their buildings with smart technology to focus on energy efficiency and occupant wellness, such as smart lights and thermostats, high-efficiency air filters, and filtered, purified water for occupants. These retrofits are inexpensive to implement and have a huge impact on building image and employee morale.

Another way to keep tenants happy, and keep your building full and energy-efficient for you? Perhaps the simplest tactic of all is a personalized experience from a professional commercial cleaning service, dedicated solely to working in commercial spaces. A dirty, dusty, or unkempt commercial space is displeasing to clients and customers alike, but a beautifully maintained space? That can make all the difference.

With a focus on wellness, cleanliness, and appealing to the total customer experience, a clean space matters.

Commercial Cleaning Services in South Florida by All Building Cleaning Corp

Start With a Clean, Well-Maintained Facility

One of the best ways to provide an exceptional experience for your tenants, and keep them and their customers or clients happy is a spotless, meticulously-maintained commercial building. It’s not just great for your partnership with your tenants, it’s great for their business too. Your building occupant knows that their clients and customers value a clean experience. 

Do you manage a retail facility? In the world of building management, cleanliness matters– maybe more than anything else. In fact, 14% of shoppers said they would not return to a store if it didn’t match their expectations for how clean and tidy a facility should be, and 29% of shoppers said they would only return to a less-than-tidy retailer if it was absolutely necessary.

The key to building management is often anticipating your occupants’ needs. One constant need? For the floors and restroom facilities to be cleaned, trash receptacles emptied, windows and doors washed, and messes handled. With a professional commercial cleaning service, you have experts on your side, taking care of all your building needs. 

We know what kind of cleaning your tenants want. So what kinds of services do occupants expect and desire from their facilities managers and cleaning providers? Let’s take a look:

  • 66% of occupants value cleaning for health and infection control services 
  • 66% of building occupants want window and blind cleaning services
  • 63% of commercial tenants prefer green cleaning methods
  • 61% would like daytime cleaning
  • 49% desire upholstery cleaning

But this level of cleaning that’s desired by your tenants is impossible to maintain. 

You have enough to worry about, managing a commercial building and maintaining healthy working relationships with your tenants. Why not remove one worry by hiring a commercial cleaning company you can trust to take care of your space as if it were their own?

At All Building Cleaning Corp, that’s exactly what we do. With over 2 decades of experience in janitorial services, we know how to take care of your space. Our work in the Fort Lauderdale area, Miami-Dade County, and the surrounding areas in the past twenty years has shown us one thing: That only a professional, custom-tailored janitorial experience, unique to each building’s needs will do. And our clients appreciate that difference in personal attention and dedication to excellence. 

How can we help you take your building from good to great? Let us handle the dirty work, so you don’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty details. We’re ready and waiting to start caring for your facility: Request a quote today!

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