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Here is What You Must Know about Floor Stripping and Waxing

Season after season, we track in rain, dirt, and dust onto our floors. They can start to look dull and lose their luster, scratch, discolor, or degrade. This becomes a problem when we are trying to make a good impression on the clients and customers who walk through our doors. 

Even with ongoing vacuuming and mopping, your facility’s floors need more intensive care from time to time; they need to be stripped and waxed. 

Without the right attention, you might have to invest all kinds of funds into paying for a full replacement of your floors. 

The good news is that when your floors are newly stripped and waxed, it’s like a full refresh of your entire space. You’d be surprised at what a difference it makes. The correct floor finishing and a proper, ongoing maintenance program can add years to the life of your floor. 

Signs Your Floor Needs Professional Attention

At some point in time, your floors will need to be stripped and waxed by a qualified professional. Perhaps the previous finish wasn’t properly applied, or your floor’s finish might have just passed its expiration date. But if your floors are displaying some of the following signs, it’s time to schedule professional floor care and floor waxing service:

  • Discoloration from UV light, either from direct sun exposure or fluorescent lighting
  • Oxidization, which looks like a white powdery residue that you might notice around entryway mats, or when you dust mop, or after burnishing long hallways
  • Scratching and scuffing from furniture, carts, equipment, or foot traffic
  • Discoloration, blotchiness, or dirt embedded into the floor’s finish
  • Alcohol or chemical burns from substances like hand sanitizer, betadine, iodine, or bleach which can erode away the finish and leave part of your floor looking dull
  • Dullness caused by improper cleaning programs or products meant for disinfection on touchpoints, not floors
  • An improper bond of the existing finish where it is peeling up from the bottom up

Some facilities—like schools, for example—choose to strip and wax their floor finishes at predetermined times based on when the facility is used. In schools, floor stripping and waxing services are often performed during summer or winter breaks.

Protecting Your Floors

Stripping and waxing your floors is a time-consuming process. It involves removing all the old layers of wax and dirt from your floors and coating it in new layers of wax to seal it and protect it from wear and tear. While it’s a labor-intensive service, it’s one that pays off because it revives your floor’s appearance and can protect it from future damage. 

The caveat? It’s not a job that should be performed by just anyone. Your floors are an investment in your entire facility and if they are ruined, you could be facing thousands of dollars (or more!) to repair or replace them. Commercial flooring must be more durable than residential flooring and because it needs to be sturdier, the price tag is often higher too. Just one small misstep when stripping and waxing your floors may break your budget!

There are plenty of mistakes that a well-meaning individual can make when attempting to strip and wax your floors, causing irreparable damage. Just what can go wrong?

  • They can use a chemical stripping agent that’s not compatible with your floors
  • They can improperly dilute the chemicals used for stripping
  • They can leave the stripping agent on for too long or not long enough
  • They can let the floor dry before the chemical is removed
  • They can leave chemicals behind on the floor after rinsing the stripping agent away

While any of these mistakes can create accidental damage, that doesn’t mean the damage still can’t be done. You need to hire a professional floor care team to care for your floors and keep them protected from damage. 

The Process of Floor Stripping and Waxing 

At All Building Cleaning Corp, we take floor care very seriously. We’ll work hard to keep your floors protected so that when we’re done with the process of stripping and waxing your floors, they will glisten and gleam just the way you want them to. 

We’ll carefully select the proper floor stripping chemical for your surface and apply it with meticulous precision, being attentive to not skip any areas. Using a floor machine, we will buff this chemical solution into your floors, scrubbing away discoloration and finish buildup, paying notice to not splash this stripper on nearby walls, doors, carpet, or other areas. 

Next, our team of trained professionals will rinse and clear away the chemical stripping agent and evaluate whether your floors need an additional application, as sometimes heavy buildup requires a second application. Once rinsed and dried, our professionals will clean your floors and apply a finish uniformly, applying enough coats to protect your floor and let it shine the way it should. 

South Florida’s Professional Floor Care Team

At All Building Cleaning Corp, we’re dedicated to helping businesses across South Florida care for their floors with floor stripping and waxing services. We have the tools and the training it takes to ensure your workspace looks its best, no matter your industry:

Take a look at what our clients have to say, then request a quote today to see how we can impact your commercial space with floor stripping and waxing services and much more.

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