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Here is Why Your Facility Needs Regular Commercial Carpet Cleaning

When someone walks into a business, their immediate thought is to look at the space they’ve just entered. They’ll look at the floors, the ceilings, and the furniture, and they’ll make a choice on whether or not they think a business is competent just off of that. 

Now think of a time you’ve seen a dingy, stained carpet somewhere. How did that make you feel? It doesn’t exactly scream professionalism and competency. So how do you think your customers are going to react if they see those stains on your carpets? 

On top of that, think about how your employees feel. They deserve to come into a clean space to work — floors and carpet included. 

We understand that deep cleaning carpets can be a hassle, so you need to outsource your commercial carpet cleaning services. However, you need to be sure the commercial cleaning company you hire knows what they’re doing because if they don’t, they can ruin your carpets and cost you thousands of dollars in the long run. 

How to Clean Commercial Carpets

There are a lot of ways you can clean commercial carpets, but not all ways are a good choice. Each carpet and its fibers are different, and that affects how it should be cleaned.

Some ways companies clean carpets can leave behind too much residue and water. This then attracts more dirt and germs to the carpet when someone walks on it again. 

Other ways of cleaning carpets are too aggressive and cause the fibers of your carpet to break, which destroys them in the process. This is especially harmful to carpets that are older or on their last leg. 

The most important thing you don’t want to put on your carpets are chemicals, at least not without testing them first. Certain carpet cleaners can make stains worse and leave more spots on your carpets than you had before. If your cleaning company doesn’t check their solutions first on your carpet, then they’re not someone you should work with. 

The Benefits of Commercial Carpet Care

You don’t need to clean your carpets every day to make sure they’re presentable and promote a healthy environment. Simple, regular cleanings will do just fine, with an added deep cleaning every once in a while to really clean those fibers.

But what makes commercial carpet cleaning services worth your while? Here are some of the long-term benefits you’ll be getting from the service:

  • Longer lasting carpets: Because carpets are rough and porous, they’re able to trap more dirt and grime and hold onto them for longer periods of time. With regular commercial carpet cleaning, you can get rid of that dirt that’s built up and allow for them to last longer.
  • Positive effect on employees: When your business is clean, your employees want to come to work and enjoy their time there. Fresh carpets that smell and look good just add to that experience. 
  • Customer appeal: Appearance matters to your customers, as we’ve mentioned before. If they see an old, ratty, stained carpet lead them to the front desk, they won’t want to come back.
  • A healthier environment: When your carpets hold dirt and grime, it starts to affect the air in your business space. Not only that, dirty carpets can hold mold, fungus, and other bacteria. Regular commercial carpet cleaning can fix that problem and make your workspace healthier for everyone there. 
  • More cleaning opportunities: When you hire trusted commercial carpet cleaning, you open up your business to more opportunities to clean. Your company could be able to provide you with other expert cleaning services that are affordable and would give your space a comprehensive clean. 

Commercial Carpet Care You Can Trust

The commercial carpet cleaning services of All Building Cleaning Corp are here to help meet all of your carpet cleaning needs. Unlike other commercial carpet cleaning companies, we have the training and certifications to be able to deliver our services to a variety of industries.

  • Offices
  • Grocery and Retail Stores
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Child/Daycare and Schools
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Medical Facilities
  • Educational Facilities
  • Churches
  • Manufacturing Plants

Our customers love working with us because we deliver a clean you can both see and feel. We’ll provide you a carpet that’s not only nice to look at but also feels good to the touch. 

Our cleaning team takes certified courses through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration before they even care for someone’s carpet. The training continues past the courses with hands-on and DVD training to keep them up to date on cleaning procedures and education — all things that other commercial carpet cleaning companies can’t offer. 

We use two cleaning products: Zep carpet cleaning chemicals and Theochem carpet cleaning solutions to pre-treat spots. These two things combined can break through even the toughest spots on your carpet and leave them looking brand new. 

We offer three main types of services to suit your carpet cleaning needs for the entire year:

  • Hot water extraction carpet cleaning: Good for use once a year, hot water extraction carpet cleaning uses high water pressure and hot water to move dirt out of the deep pockets of your carpet. Thanks to the steam, it provides a healthier work environment. 
  • Bonnet carpet cleaning: As a minimum moisture carpet cleaning, bonnet cleaning is good for touch-ups to your carpet throughout the year. You spray a detergent, sweep it up, and your carpets are good to go. 
  • Encapsulation carpet cleaning: Encapsulation carpet cleaning is a no-moisture way to keep your carpets clean regularly and fight against everyday dirt, grime, and allergens. 

Each method is affordable and easy to understand, so you’ll know exactly what we’re doing to your carpets. Unusually our carpet cleaning services cost between 12 and 20 cents per square foot with a $75 minimum per cleaning. 

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For over 20 years, All Building Cleaning Corp has been delivering an expert carpet cleaning service to businesses in Southern Florida. We genuinely care about each of our customers, and as community members, ourselves we look forward to helping a fellow community member. 

Our services can be scheduled to fit your needs, and we always have someone who is able to talk with you about your options and budget. Reach out to us and request your free quote today. Let’s get you one step closer to healthier, cleaner carpets that help you make the best first impressions possible.

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