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How to Keep Your Facility Safe From COVID-19

Even though we might be in the middle of a pandemic, things still have to stay in motion. Kids have to go to school, people still have to work and businesses like yourself have to stay open. 

If you’re lucky you might have the ability to make your operation completely remote. However, that’s just not the case for every business, especially those in the industries of commercial, medical and industrial goods. Even those in the hospitality industry have to stay open to stay running and people still need places to stay. 

You could feel a little bit better knowing that a vaccine is now being distributed throughout the United States but that could take months, maybe even years, to get to every single person. This means our current way of life is going to have to be the new normal for quite some time. 

You’re probably asking yourself one main question: How can I keep my facility safe from COVID-19? The cleaning professionals at All Building Cleaning Corporation have a few ideas that you can put into action in order to protect yourself, your staff and your customers. 

Hire An Expert Cleaning Service

The first major step you can take in helping keep the virus at bay is to hire a commercial building cleaning service. Although you might be doing it yourself, it’s time to have trained professionals come in and clean your space from top to bottom.

Hiring janitorial cleaning services allows you to focus on facility management while people trained in cleaning handle the germs and dirt around your space. Many commercial cleaning companies should be able to handle every room of your business or office in little to no time. 

You’ll want to choose a commercial cleaning company that is not only highly rated, but trained and certified in every area of cleaning one can think of. Even the smallest things, such as the ability to clean the employee break room, are important in times where you can’t afford to work with someone who cuts corners. 

Employ Daily Disinfection Services

The way to know if the commercial office cleaning service you choose is legit is to ask them about the process in which they disinfect your space. If the answer is they come in daily and do a spray and leave, that’s not who you want to work with, and here’s why. 

Disinfection is only successful if a space is cleaned thoroughly before it’s done. We’re talking floor to ceiling with as little dust, debris and dirt left behind as possible. This is because disinfectants aren’t meant to clean the way regular cleaning solutions are — their main purpose is to kill germs, bacteria and viruses. 

Working with a cleaning company that provides a daily disinfection service, like we do here at All Building Cleaning Corporation, is the perfect option for your business, no matter what industry you’re in. This way your space is clean and disinfected for the next day at work and any germs and bacteria left behind are no longer an issue. 

You’ll want to make sure your services pay close attention to high-touch surfaces such as:

  • Tables
  • Doorknobs
  • Light switches
  • Countertops
  • pens/pencils
  • Handles
  • Desks
  • Phones
  • Keyboards
  • Toilets
  • Sinks
  • Touch screens
  • ATM machines

These are the places where germs and bacteria will lurk the most so you want to make sure they are spotless come the next morning. 

Employ Strict COVID Policies

The best way you can help yourself, your employees and your business make it through the pandemic is to create a detailed COVID-19 plan. In this plan, you should have actions for every situation possible that could arise in your business, even the worst case scenario. 

Although you’re hoping to avoid it, you should have a shutdown plan in place in case an outbreak does occur. Your employees should understand what to do if something happens, how it will affect their pay and what the protocols are for those possibly exposed. 

Some of the main things you should require in your workplace include:

  • Maintaining social distancing as much as possible
  • Working remotely if able
  • Always wearing a mask that covers the nose and mouth at all times
  • Regularly washing hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds
  • Monitoring one’s health daily, whether that be by checking symptoms or monitoring temperature
  • Making smart choices outside of work because they will affect coworkers 

For example, when ABCC comes to clean your space, we’ll always be wearing a mask and gloves — even protective gear if needed — to stop us from cross-contaminating your space. 

Why Work With All Building Cleaning Corp

You may be hesitant to hire a commercial cleaning company because of price or logistics but if you work with All Building Cleaning Corporation, you won’t have to worry about that. We: 

  • Create a cleaning plan that fits your budget
  • Plan specialized cleaning schedules for your space
  • Provide all necessary equipment and cleaning solutions
  • Keep lines of communication open 24/7
  • Clean while wearing gloves, masks and even protective gear when needed

Our services are as comprehensive as they come and include:

  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Janitorial Services
  • Disinfection Services
  • Commercial Floor Cleaning
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning
  • Concrete Polishing
  • Window Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning Services
  • Construction Cleanup

Take our carpet cleaning services, they’re unlike any other commercial carpet cleaning company’s services. We not only sweep and vacuum your carpets but can employ hot water deep cleaning, to suck out dirt and grime that’s buried deep in its fibers. 

Our janitorial services cover all of the bases needed for a company to stay up and running such as waste removal, dusting and basic floorcare. We even organize your waiting and front areas to leave everything perfect for the new workday. 

Whatever it is that you need to keep your workplace safe during the pandemic, we can provide that to you at the price that’s perfect for you. 

Our Disinfection Services

Whether you work for a hospital, a lab or a medical office, ABCC’s meticulous disinfection services are everything you’ll ever need to keep COVID-19 at bay. We follow all of the CDCs recommendations on cleaning spaces, down to wearing gloves, masks and using microfiber cloths. 

Many of our clients have added these services to the ones they’ve already had with us, allowing them to have a comprehensive cleaning package that is completely stress-free. 

Our process for disinfection is simple and straightforward. First, we complete the daily cleaning tasks such as dusting, mopping, organizing and waste removal. This allows our EPA-approved cleaners to have clean objects to stick onto and eliminate germs from.

Next, we use disinfectant sprayers and misters to cover your space from top to bottom with disinfectant while wearing the necessary protective equipment to avoid cross-contamination. If needed, we’ll follow behind with microfiber cloths if necessary to cover any nooks and crannies. 

It’s a simple process that we can explain to each of our clients and adjust in order to fit with their unique environment if needed. Plus, we always stay up to date on all cleaning rules, regulations and policies.  

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