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What You Need To Know About Production Rates To Reduce Costs

What You Need To Know About Production Rates To Reduce Costs

It can be a confusing challenge to determine what is a fair price to pay to have your commercial building cleaned. There are so many different kinds of commercial properties with varying needs.

Determining the pricing for a commercial cleaning service isn’t like the pricing of a residential home, where frequently the estimated time to clean the home is simply multiplied by the hourly rate. 

For a commercial building with all kinds of specific cleaning requirements and oftentimes much more square footage than a residential space, things get a little harder to calculate. There are so many variables to consider. This is where production rates can make a big difference– so you are offered a fair price from each commercial cleaning service you’re considering to charge for their janitorial services.

What Is a Production Rate?

So what exactly is a production rate, and what does it mean for your commercial space and for your commercial cleaning service rates?

Your production rate is essentially the amount of time that it will take to clean your space. It amounts to the total number of square feet cleaned, divided by total hours. 

Since there are so many variables from one commercial building to the next, with changing frequencies of visits, expectations, surfaces needing to be cleaned, and equipment and products used, each commercial cleaning company will come up with a rate that is specific to your building. This is known as your building’s production rate

How Does Your Production Rate Help?

An inaccurate estimate from a cleaning company for the size or needs of your building may mean that you pay too much. If they guess too low, you most likely will end up being dissatisfied with the janitorial services you receive. Too high, and you’ll end up paying far too much for your commercial cleaning services. 

Your production rate can help you find the commercial cleaning service best equipped to do the job and at the price that works for you — which is why it’s important for each cleaning service to conduct a production rate for your building. 

If you are seeking bids from various janitorial services in your area, an accurate production rate for your building will help you get there. 

With an inaccurate production rate (or no production rate at all), you’ll end up with inaccurate bids, and it’s likely that you will experience service problems in the future. Why? The price that you’re paying for janitorial services won’t align with the service your building requires.  You may even end up drastically overpaying!

Getting Bids

Each cleaning company you consider will talk through your building, gathering necessary information they might need in order to come up with the correct production rate for your building. These rates may vary slightly from business to business based on the kinds of tools and equipment they use.

One commercial cleaning service may use upright vacuums, and another may use backpack vacuums instead. This will probably affect the amount of time it takes for these particular tasks. Since backpack vacuums are more efficient the company that uses them will have a lower production rate for vacuuming.

Once each cleaning service is able to conduct its thorough walk-through, each service can prepare their proposals and offer their bids.

What You Need To Know About Production Rates To Reduce Costs

Helpful Hints

Don’t Skip the Walk-Through with Your Prospective Cleaning Company

Are you searching for the most accurate proposal from the commercial cleaning service you are considering? You really do need to have them come take a look at your space and conduct a walk-through before they come up with a production rate, and an estimate. There are so many factors that may affect your production rate, and you want to ensure you have all the information you need to make the right decision.

A site visit or walk-through will help each commercial cleaning service factor in the occupancy density of the building, the overall condition of the space, as well as any other things that may affect the needs of your space, like how dirt may be tracked into the building or how a manufacturing space or workroom might impact the cleanliness of the entire building.

Ask for a Quote on Periodic Work

Your building needs regular janitorial visits, but there are also tasks that need to be performed less frequently. Don’t forget to ask your commercial cleaning service for estimates regarding this work as well. 

This periodic work will be broken down into a separate section of the proposal. This can include things like refinishing floors or cleaning carpets. The cleaning company should provide a recommended maintenance schedule for each service and the price to perform each service.

Your production rate can have a big impact on the overall quality of the janitorial services you receive from commercial cleaners. What else will affect your building’s level of cleanliness? 

Choosing a dedicated team of trained professionals like our technicians at All Building Cleaning Corp

 At All Building Cleaning Corp. we take pride in the care and attention to detail we take with every square foot of our clients’ buildings in our commercial cleaning service. We work across all industries to bring you a level of clean you can trust and enjoy. 

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