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Five Things Facility Managers Should be Doing Right Now

Things feel incredibly uncertain right now, and if you’re a facility manager, this pandemic may leave you with more questions than answers.  What should you be doing to protect your building from an outbreak? 

The COVID-19 global pandemic has disrupted the way companies are doing business as more people physically distance and work from home. It seems like there are new recommendations every day to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but how does it all apply to your building?

Managing a facility, there is always a mile-long list of to-dos and logistics to balance. Right now, it probably feels like that list is insurmountable. What do you need to do to take care of your building during the pandemic? How can you keep everyone safe?

1. Keep Your Workplace Safe

Of course, the safety of your workers and on-site contractors is your top priority. That’s always the No. 1 goal of managing a facility. By now, any employees who can are likely working from home, but if you manage a building that houses an essential business like a restaurant, grocery store or medical office, your workers aren’t able to work from home— their work is vital in this critical time.

To keep these employees safe, you can put in certain measures to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Facilities Net has encouraged managers to take the following precautions:

  • Divide your staff into separate shifts or sets of days so that fewer people are working in the building at the same time. 
  • Have separate entrances for employees and visitors/customers to allow for physical distancing.
  • If your building’s occupants all should be working from home, you may consider disabling their fobs and building security passes.

You also should ensure that your building’s insurance policy covers things like the coronavirus and the extra sanitizing, cancellations and loss of business that may happen.

As the pandemic progresses, the International Facility Management Association has compiled an ongoing webinar series and other resources for facilities managers to determine the best practices moving forward. 

2. Check to See That Your Emergency Systems Are Up to Date

With all the safety measures we are collectively taking, you may not have as much access to your building as you’d like. While you may be able to check in on your building, you may be trying to manage your facility from home, which can feel challenging. 

You need to ensure that your emergency systems are all in working order. This way, if an emergency does happen, all the right people are notified. Now is a great time to check your security alarm system and the company that manages it. Is your contract current? Is the alarm functioning properly?

You also should ensure your fire suppression systems and fire detection systems have been inspected, tested and maintained. 

The National Fire Protection Agency is doing everything it can in light of the COVID-19 crisis to keep buildings safe. The personnel who service these fire suppression and detection systems are essential personnel—they still are working. You can ask them to inspect your systems so that you know that if an emergency happens, your building’s systems are in working order, regardless of the current occupancy of your building

3. Update Your Building’s Operating Procedures and Set Points for Lower Occupancy

If your facility’s occupants are able to work from home and your building is empty, you should change your building’s settings to reflect a low load so you aren’t overspending on utilities.

You should check your HVAC, water heater and lighting settings to conserve energy and building utility costs during this time. After all, there’s no reason to pay to cool or light your building if no one is there. You’ll want to keep things running at low period levels so that your systems stay functioning and in working order but you aren’t spending too much for utilities.

4. Protect Your Current Occupants

Sanitizing hands and high-touch surfaces are two major ways to help prevent the spread of disease. If your facility houses an essential business or if you manage a condo or other residential facility, you have no choice. There will be people entering and exiting your building, and you need to keep them safe.  

Most likely, your occupants, tenants and employees are worried about protecting their businesses and staying healthy. You can help them out by keeping common areas like elevator lobbies (and all the high-touch surfaces in an elevator) and doors and entranceways cleaned and sanitized. Do you have an experienced coronavirus cleaning company in place to care for your condominiums and residential buildings?

Many businesses and buildings are currently closed, but essential businesses like grocery stores, carry-out restaurants and medical offices remain open. If you manage a building that houses an essential business, you should consider additional cleaning and sanitizing services to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  

5. Let All Building Cleaning Corp Help

There is a lot to be done to protect your building from the threat of infection—and a lot of cleaning that needs to be done through it all. It feels like CDC recommendations are changing by the minute, so perhaps it’s best to leave it to the professionals to keep things cleaned and disinfected.

At All Building Cleaning Corp., we have the right cleaning products and the proper training to keep up with the escalating needs to fight this viral outbreak and keep your building safe. We’re no stranger to the needs of Miami businesses, and we have amped up our efforts to keep your facilities germ free. 

We offer all kinds of commercial cleaning services, including condominiums and residential properties, office cleaning services in Miami, and other large-scale facilities. 

The COVID-19 situation is complicated enough. Simplify your work by hiring the best commercial cleaning Florida has to offer.

Can we be your building’s coronavirus cleaning service? Let us help you. Request a quote today.

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