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What is Post Construction Cleaning and Why is it Important?

Finally getting to the end of a long construction process can be a breath of fresh air to everyone involved. Maybe you added a new part to your home or expanded your business building. Whatever you had done, it’s finally over which means the construction workers can leave and things can go back to normal. Right?

Not exactly. Because who’s going to clean up the huge mess that’s been left behind?

Construction is a dirty business that involves plasters, molds, liquids and dirt — lots of it. Over time that builds up on surfaces, walls and every other object nearby creating almost a film of nastiness. 

Although many construction services offer clean up where they get rid of debris and large items and throw them away, that doesn’t actually cover cleaning the place up. This means you’re left in charge of wiping down countertops, cleaning the walls and mopping the floors — unless you make a better choice, one that benefits you both short and long-term. 

Hire construction clean up services from All Building Cleaning Corp and all of your problems are going to seem a whole lot smaller for an investment that will be worth making. 

What is Post Construction Cleaning? 

Post construction cleaning is the process of cleaning up an area that has recently been surrounded by active construction. In most cases, it involves not only outdoor cleaning but deep indoor cleaning as well to get things back in working order. 

Take restaurants for example. If a restaurant expands and then needs to start operating as soon as possible, they have to make sure everything is clean and sanitary. If not, it can affect their customers. Although many people could do a simple wipe down and sweep, post construction cleaning does much more than that and gives your entire facility the deep clean that it needs. 

What are the Benefits of Post Construction Cleaning?

Your business or workplace becomes extremely dirty during construction. Not only is it physically dirty from dust, dirt and grime but it’s also dirty in the sense of bacteria and viruses. So many people walk around a construction site every day and those people spread germs and dust all over the place.

Not to mention, things seem to get really turned around when construction is going. Organization practically becomes nonexistent. 

This is why after construction cleaning services can be a huge help both short and long term. The benefits include: 

  • Organization: We can put things back where they belong and make things get closer to normal after it’s all been moved around. A clean office is a happy one after all. 
  • Less stress: No more worrying about how you’re supposed to get everything lined up in time to reopen. We’ve got you covered — you worry about the other things that need to be handled. 
  • Better air quality: Sometimes construction areas can make the air heavy and gross. When your space isn’t full of leftover particles, dirt and grime, you have better air quality which helps you both short and long term.
  • Improved health environment: If anyone in your home or workspace has allergies or respiratory issues, construction can mess with their immune system. Dust plays a huge role in this. With cleaning services, we can make sure we deep clean and get rid of as much dust and dirt particles as possible to improve the health of the environment for everyone there. 

Overall, construction clean up is a great option to help protect you, your staff and your future customers. Plus, it takes all the hard work off your shoulders. 

How Does the Process Work?

The process we have for construction cleanup is easy to understand and straight to the point. We create a plan with your home or business in mind so we can get it done quickly and efficiently. We always sit down with our clients, as every company should, to assess their budget and the size of the space we have to clean. 

We serve a wide range of industries including:

  • Office Buildings 
  • Retail and Grocery stores
  • Financial Institutions
  • Industrial Buildings

From there the rough cleaning phase starts, where we focus on the visible messes and stains. It’s basically a once over to see how dirty your facility really is. 

After that is the second cleaning phase that focuses on all the areas we didn’t touch. Think about walls, floors, ceilings and nooks and crannies that are hard to reach. 

Lastly, we have the final, detailed cleaning part that does a full clean from top to bottom followed by a disinfection process that aligns with the CDC. This part really gets down to business when it comes to getting rid of all germs, bacteria and viruses in the area. It’s a great way to end your clean up process and will make the whole place look and feel better. 

Why Choose All Building Cleaning Corp?

There’s a reason that All Building Cleaning Corp is so highly rated among our clients: we know what we’re doing and we do it well, especially when it comes to commercial construction cleaning. Our focus is always on our clients and we do our best to provide them everything they need to flourish with the help of our services. 

When you choose us to provide your final cleaning after construction, you’re choosing: 

  • Reliability: Not only will we always be there, we’ll always be there on time. If something comes up we’ll always let you know in advance and make up for it. 
  • Trustworthiness: You can trust our cleaning crews to get the job done right. Everyone is background-checked and trained in every area of cleaning they perform. 
  • Experience: With years of experience in the industry, we can provide a clean that you can see and feel. We have years of understanding customers, facilities and the needs that need to be met in order to provide a healthy work or living environment. 

When it comes down to it, we know what customers want and need and we provide that every single time we provide a service. 

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