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Is the High Janitorial Industry Turnover Rate Costing You?

Is the High Janitorial Industry Turnover Rate Costing You?

When you hire janitorial services for your commercial building, you probably aren’t thinking about the company’s operations. You just want to see the work they do for you and what they bill you. 

But how they operate directly influences the quality and prices they offer. 

There’s a dirty secret in the commercial cleaning industry, and that’s the high janitorial employee turnover rate. Cleaning industry statistics indicate that it currently falls between 200 and 400 percent

That’s astoundingly high. At its worst, if a cleaning company needs 100 employees to operate, at a 400 percent turnover rate, they are hiring 400 new employees each year to fill those 100 jobs. 

Another number you should know: Hiring a single employee costs an average of $1,000. If our hypothetical cleaning company is hiring 400 people annually, they are spending $400,000 every year on employees who will work only a few months before leaving. 

As a business owner or manager yourself, you can see the problem with these numbers. 

If you think this unfortunate trend only affects your cleaning company, you would be wrong. Have you stopped to think about how janitorial services can continue to operate when they lose so much money on employee turnover? 

They take the cost out of you with higher service rates. And that’s not the only way the high janitorial industry turnover rate costs you. 

Let’s look at all the ways staff turnover in the cleaning industry hurts its clients’ bottom line and why you should only hire janitorial services with low employee turnover. 

High Turnover Equals High Prices

Every company has operating costs that must be covered by the money the company earns while still making a profit. If costs get too high, they either must be reduced or more money needs to be made. 

All too often, janitorial services that struggle with the costs of high turnover choose to simply raise their rates rather than adopt practices to reduce turnover. 

When your commercial cleaner can’t keep a full staff, it will show in the prices they charge you. Someone has to pay for their hiring and training process, after all. 

When comparing commercial cleaning rates, you might assume that higher prices mean better and more complete services, but often it’s the opposite. High prices sometimes mean a poorly run company. 

A smart cleaning company doesn’t let itself fall victim to dismal janitorial industry turnover rates. Instead, it takes action to retain employees and save itself—and you—money. They do this by: 

  • Choosing and vetting great employees who are more likely to stick with the job and do good work from the start.
  • Investing in thorough training that sets new employees up for success and job satisfaction.
  • Offering competitive wages and benefits to motivate good work and longevity.
  • Recognizing good employees for their achievements to build staff loyalty.

Is the High Janitorial Industry Turnover Rate Costing You?

Amateur Hour with High Turnover

Have you ever seen poor customer service excused with the explanation that the employee was new? 

While there’s a learning curve for every job, imagine if members of your cleaning crew were perpetually new. Their performance would never improve, and you would suffer the frustrations of amateur work every time they came. 

That’s what you can expect when you hire cleaners who suffer from high employee turnover. Because their employees don’t stay long enough to become experienced professionals, they are forced to send you employees with less experience and investment in the job. These cleaners simply won’t do the quality job you’re paying for. 

When you hire janitorial services with low employee turnover, you’re more likely to receive the level of service you expect. 

Long-time employees take more pride in their work and have more experience that translates into a higher quality of cleaning. They also are less likely to make mistakes that damage your property and can build a great working relationship with you. 

You’ll get the service you’re paying for, and they can save you money over time by protecting your building with good upkeep.

Safety and Liability Issues from High Turnover

Just as inexperienced cleaning staff is more likely to cause damage to your property, they are also more likely to cause real harm to themselves or your employees and visitors. While new employees should have their safety training fresh in their minds, lack of experience is a real hazard. 

It takes just one thoughtless newbie taking a wrong step off a ladder or mixing the wrong concentration of cleaning solution to cause an injury. And unfortunately, if your janitorial services do not carry insurance for their employees, you could be held liable for workplace accidents on your property. 

Another danger associated with high turnover: unvetted employees. It costs money to run new-hire background checks. If a commercial cleaner is looking to cut back on turnover costs, it might forgo criminal background checks and hire someone with a record. Not everyone with a criminal record is dangerous, but if your janitorial service isn’t checking, how can you trust the people they send to your property? 

Is the High Janitorial Industry Turnover Rate Costing You?

Avoid the Pitfalls of High Janitorial Industry Turnover Rates

The best way to save yourself the costs of high janitorial employee turnover rates is to find a provider that can prove that it:

  • Performs thorough background checks.
  • Provides in-depth training.
  • Treats employees fairly.
  • Retains experienced employees.
  • Has great customer reviews.
  • Stands by its work.

A commercial cleaner that invests in employees and employee retention is more likely to have a reliable team of seasoned cleaning technicians who will give you the best value for your money. You should only have to pay for the services you hire it for, not for its flaws as a company.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy commercial cleaner in the South Florida area, All Building Cleaning Corp. offers the best value. 

Our experienced staff provides high-quality cleaning and janitorial services for a variety of commercial and residential properties at affordable rates. Our services are comprehensive and backed by our satisfaction guarantee. 

If you’re ready to enjoy a cleaner building and dependable services, request a quote from All Building Cleaning Corp. today.

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